The complete digitalization solution for your NDT workflow

What does DRIVE NDT offer?

DRIVE NDT covers the entire workflow of your inspection department consistently in a single system. It allows precise control of all work processes and a clear and concise overview of the status of all inspection orders.


Everything at a glance

The dashboard displays the status of all current orders with their associated inspections and provides access to the most important functions. Here the latest test reports and recent activity of logged-in users is also available. This allows an overview of everything you need for optimal controlling of all work processes.


Order management

Whether orders are for a single test object or several test objects and methods, DRIVE NDT makes the complete order management process possible: from order entry and the assignment of inspectors, equipment, inspection instructions and standards, to the generation of test reports, approval and archiving. Recurring orders can easily be cloned. At each stage, status displays and analysis possibilities provide a clear overview and complete transparency.

Test Report

NDT test report generation

Easily generate and manage individual NDT test reports for all inspection methods. The fully-customizable test report templates and data fields give you unlimited individualization possibilities. The automatic import of order and testing data, including from external applications and devices, simplifies data capture and prevents transcription errors. Photos and drawings can also be attached which appear according to the format defined in the NDT test report template. This makes time-consuming formatting by inspection staff and macro-based MS Office files a thing of the past. The test reports can be approved and edited by authorized inspectors at any time and in any place with all changes logged and the report revision information updated accordingly.

Test Object

Test object management

Test objects can be created and assigned to customers as well as locations or plants. In addition, information about test configurations and inspection methods can be attached along with isometry/drawings and measuring points. In addition, test points can be defined and isometrics/drawings can be attached. By cloning test objects, new objects can be created effortlessly. New orders can be started by simply clicking on test objects.


Inspection staff administration

Everything related to in-field inspection staff is accomplished effortlessly. Employee availability can be viewed and employees can be assigned to inspection orders, non-certified employees are automatically excluded. Time sheets, certificates, radiation dosage, appointments for checkups can be managed and individual qualifications such as site permissions can be added. Automatic notifications occur when checkups and re-certifications are due or when radiation doses are exceeded.


Equipment management

Equipment management makes it easy for you to keep an eye on all your inspection devices and supplies. For example, whether a device is available, where it is located and when its next service or calibration is due. An activity calculator for isotopes automatically calculates the activity at the time of the inspection.


Inspection instructions and standards

All inspection and procedural instructions including standards such as evaluation standards, object standards, personnel standards and procedural standards, can be stored centrally as a reference as well as with an attachment. These can then be looked up and assigned to inspection orders and test objects.



The products and services registry simplifies, for example, the repeated usage of components or test objects and inventory monitoring. It is possible to define prices, validity periods and customer discounts as well as manage the associated suppliers.



With DRIVE NDT you can keep an eye on your revenues at all times. These can be displayed by order or inspection so that you are always informed about the overall revenue status.


Customer data

Comprehensive customer administration includes the management of contact persons, industries and locations. Migration of your customer data from a CRM or ERP system is also possible.


Media manager

The media manager allows central management of all inspection-related media possible within DRIVE NDT, including images, documents, notes, videos, test report files and templates.


User administration

The number of possible users is practically unlimited. Users can be assigned one or more roles such as coordinator, inspector or operator which each have certain rights and individual attributes.


Notification Center

The Notification Center allows you to receive, for example, automatic messages about inspection orders, medical checkups and staff re-certification, servicing and device re-calibration deadlines. Notifications can optionally also contain the corresponding due dates and be sent as email reminders.


Direct communication between inspection devices and standardized interfaces to CRM, ERP and archiving systems guarantees reliable networking and ensures a highly efficient and convenient workflow. An optimal RT workflow is achieved via a seamless connection to our X-ray inspection software D-Tect X.

DRIVE NDT digitalizes your NDT workflow!

As DRIVE NDT serves as a central platform it networks all the systems together and in this way enables continuous digital communications and an automatic exchange of data (Industry 4.0 / NDT 4.0). All data from inspection departments are stored in DRIVE NDT and consequently it establishes a basis for comprehensive evaluations, e.g. for predictive maintenance.

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Advantages at a glance

  • Efficiency increases of up to 50 %* from:
    • Consolidation of all NDT processes into a single system
    • More efficient assignment, planning and execution of inspections
  • Real-time status overview of all orders and inspections
  • Assistance through system notifications
  • Audit safety through traceable test procedures, processes and results (revision management)
  • Creation of individual test report templates
  • Test results import from the inspection device
  • Minimization of human transcription errors caused by automated data entry and transfer
  • Extensive test object management
  • Almost unlimited customizable user roles
  • System access possible at any time and from anywhere
  • Future-proof data storage and smart data evaluation capabilities, e.g. for statistics
  • Seamless integration into existing system environments

* Based on customer experience

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