DRIVE NDT management software

NDT Workflow Management in Aerospace

Particularly in the highly-regulated aerospace environment, increased emphasis must be placed on process reliability, clarity and traceability. Since DRIVE NDT is designed as a web application, all processes can be tracked and viewed at any time on any device. This ensures complete traceability of all process steps and a fully-standardized procedure. DRIVE NDT also takes over the task of document revision management: existing test reports are not overwritten when changes are made, but instead a new revision is generated for each change.

NDT Workflow Management in Aerospace

The qualification and certification of inspectors and employees is also subject to particularly strict requirements. Tracking the various qualifications without a suitable management system takes considerable time and is prone to errors. With DRIVE NDT, qualifications can be monitored quickly and easily. Responsible employees can be informed promptly about expiring certifications, upcoming performance tests or vision tests, thus ensuring that every employee is always ready and qualified to perform testing work.

In DRIVE NDT, test objects can be created that contain metadata such as nominal wall thickness, dimensions or material. All this object information can be automatically inserted when creating a test report. Particularly in the case of complex systems with a long service life, the data can be initially specified in detail and used quickly and easily for all further tests. In addition, accompanying files such as isometrics, drawings or data cards can easily be attached to each test object.

For the Responsible Level 3 NDT technician, it is crucial to maintain a complete overview of all running processes and inspections. Storing data in different files and file formats at different locations can quickly lead to errors and confusion. With DRIVE NDT, all data is managed and clearly prepared in a central easy-to-use platform.

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